Our agency is slowing changing from [competitor product] to WatchGuard. I have a WatchGuard system in my vehicle. I was in a pursuit in which the suspect driver was shooting a hand gun. Due to the quality of the video the investigators were able to count the brass casings flying out of the suspect’s vehicle. The investigators were also able to see in the video something I never saw which was the laser sight on the suspect’s weapon reflecting off the hood of my vehicle and on the ground directly in front of my vehicle during the pursuit. This allowed much more serious chargers to be brought against the driver. One of our vehicles in the pursuit had a [competitor product] camera and the video was virtually useless. Needless to say the WatchGuard video system is leaps ahead of its competition.

Sergeant Matt Schmidt
Douglas Police Department, WY

My dealings with your representative, Mr. Kyle Keiling, were pleasant and he was very helpful. Mr. Keiling is truly an asset to your company. We look forward to using your fine equipment. Our agency chose your product over others based on recommendations from other Law Enforcement agencies in our area, and from my own research, WatchGuard seems superior in many regards to the competition.

Sheriff Patrick M. McNeil
Logan County Sheriff's Office

(The WatchGuard tech) arrived at my department and examined every car and made repairs to the system and the installation at NO CHARGE to this department. Mr. Freeman corrected installation issues that accounted for 90% of the problems we were having. Proper installation is the responsibility of the department and not WatchGuard. Yet, WatchGuard graciously rewired our cars to make the systems perform more efficiently. Your customer service is beyond outstanding. I did not expect this type of response and I deeply appreciate it. You have earned my trust and my department's business.

Chief Barry Subelsky
Charles Town PD

We currently have 57 WatchGuard units. We also had the privilege of sending two technicians to your training last year which proved to be very beneficial. Matt Cutts and Justin Vanman were very professional and knowledgable with the product. They began right away troubleshooting. At no point, did they make our tech feel incompetent. There was very professional dialog among everyone. This made for a great reflection on them, your company and the customer service department. At the end of the day, it was determined we need some replacement units. Matt had them shipped to us the next day. I would like to thank you and your staff for the excellent customer service we received. We did not have to play the "remove systems and ship game."

Brian Dowling
Johnson County Sheriff's Office

This is the kind of service I'm talkin' about! A huge atta-boy to (your Customer Service Representative) Neil!

Sergeant Robert Lucas
Vermont State Police

I appreciate your help in taking care of my equipment. Your quick response made it easy for me to take care of my problem and get back to my duty station to continue my tour of duty.

Texas DPS

Thank you for all the help you have provided over the years with the WatchGuard system. It seems that each time I have to contact (Customer Service) for help, no matter what time, each representative provides all I need to be able to work through any problem.They are also exceptionally helpful with getting loaner unites or parts when needed and within a good amount of time.

Corporal R. Shingler
Summerville PD

I wanted to thank you for the SECOND TO NONE customer service that you have provided. Your customer service has always been acting in the best interest of our department and have always been more than helpful when an issue arose. I have not seen customer service and dedication to problem resolution like this EVER!

Sergeant Rich Brodrick
East Peoria PD

I want you to know what an excellent job your company (is) doing. Dave Childress, (our Regional Sales Manager), from the first time he came to our department and ever since, has been first class all the way. Dave has been extremely helpful with all of our questions and getting us set up. Lee Stoa, the tech who was sent to set up the server and show the deputies how to use the camera has been excellent. He is a great teacher and knows his stuff. This guy is very, very impressive. The man doing the installs is also doing very well. He gets in early and has stayed until midnight on a couple just so the deputies could start using their video systems ASAP. I remember the 4RE demo. We were totally blown away with it. In short, I just wanted to let you know that we think the 4RE is excellent. The people I mentioned above are tremendous and have done a GREAT JOB!

Chief Criminal Deputy Jimmy Arbogast
LaSalle Parish Sheriff's Office

Outstanding service. Well beyond any possible expectations! Thank You!

Sergeant Ken Schollenberger
York Area Regional PD

Excellent training in a timely manner! Thanks!

Ewell S. "Smokey" Beirne
Virginia State Police

Lee did an excellent job answering my questions. I never felt like I couldn't ask a question. He was extremely knowledgable and made sure I understood the system. He really took the time to demonstrate. I truly appreciate him coming and providing the training.

Sergeant Eric Barthel
Minnesota State Patrol

Appreciate you guys taking care of business!

Lieutenant Gene Hise
OHP Special Ops.

Matt and Dave were great. They installed our cameras perfectly.

CPC D. Blume
Paradise Valley PD, Arizona

Keep up the good work!

Sergeant Mark Crosby
Del Rio Police Department

Good product - we love the Pre/Post Event feature.

Captain G. W. Howard
Little Elm Police Department

Keep up the good work, and never stop improving.

Zachary Byers
University of Nebraska, Lincoln Police Department

It was a very easy system to install, and I have no complaints about it.

Brandon Kramer
Mansfield Police Department

There is no comparison between the DV-1 and VHS. It's like night and day. How do you compare worthless video to DVD quality?

David Anthony
Ennis Police Department

I can honestly say that I think it's the best one so far that I have researched. It's about half the cost as the others such as Eye Witness and Mega Tech, and there are no large VCR or other compartments in the rear of the patrol vehicle. No wires running all over your vehicle either. It has a simple easy to use interface much like Windows for your PC.

Corporal Sheldon B. Pinsent
NCO IC "B" Shift

One great item you have is the wireless microphone for the officer. It is the best I have used and love it.

SPO S. Worton
Temple Terrace Police Department

Keep up the GREAT work!

PTL Joe Davidson
Wellington Police Department

We have enjoyed exceptional and prompt service and support from our local tech support in Texas.

S. M. Ford
Manor Police Department

This is the best system that I've seen.

Sergeant David Mercer
Brown County Sheriff's Office

I first went with the Prosecutor Digital Recording System. I would never recommend this system to anyone. After installing the WatchGuard DV-1 System, I have been truly pleased with how the system operates.

Douglas Phillips
156th District Attorney's Office

We like the Pre-Event feature. We can capture the guy driving crooked in DUI cases, and we can capture the guy running the stoplight. That's priceless when it's your word against the defendant.

Survey Response

When we started shopping for digital camera systems, "user-friendly" was high on our criteria list. WatchGuard's direct to DVD system fit the bill and we are excited to be in on the ground floor of this new product.

Keith Wood
Maryville Department of Public Safety

Woodlands County was looking for a new camera system that would work well within our department. Many different camera companies offered systems, but they either didn't meet our expectations or they were over priced. WatchGuard's digital in-car camera system met the mark. The ability to write to DVD+RW and [their] pricing sold us, but what made it stand out was their service. No one else offered software upgrades at no charge (some companies even wanted around $4,000 for their software). We are very pleased with the system and will be purchasing from them again.

John Elley
Woodlands County Patrol Service

We have been pleased with not only the product that you sell but with the service that we are receiving.

Chief Ken Burk
Winterset Police Department

Support staff is very knowledgeable... Love the product! Keep up the good work!

Sergeant Clint Reno
Excelsior Springs Police Department

You all are doing a great job and I like the way you always keep me informed on what's going on.

Dave Haley
Harker Heights Police Department

You guys are doing an outstanding job with striving to make the system better and more user friendly as new software is being introduced. Great work to all the employees of the WatchGuard Video, which is the BEST digital video recording system on the market.

Survey Response ICE Team
Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office

FABULOUS product! Will continue to use WatchGuard as we phase out the old VHS systems - outstanding customer service to add. Each time we've called, our problem was solved in minutes and with a high degree of courtesy. Keep it up!

Survey Response
Dickinson Police Department

You have a great product and the best customer service that I have ever used. Keep up the great work and thanks again.

Survey Response
New Hanover County Sheriff's Office

WatchGuard is one of the best things to happen to our agency.

Survey Response
Ennis Police Department

Your sales reps and customer service have been outstanding. I have recommended your system to several different agencies.

Deputy Marty De Muth
Buena Vista County Sheriff's Office

We have used the WatchGuard DV-1 system since November 2005 and found it to have exceptional video and audio playback quality. The ability to pull out the DVD and play it immediately in a standard DVD player without technical assistance to transfer video has helped in court.

Officer Dennis Cox
Bonner Springs Police Department

When I began the research for a digital system to replace our current, antiquated VHS system, one comment that I heard from several different salesman was that the DVD system was not reliable because the "needle" would skip every time you hit a bump in the road. After extensive research, I purchased the WatchGuard DVD system. Three months later, a squad car was broadsided by a car going 50 MPH. The system never missed a beat. It recorded the crash and the aftermath until it was turned off by the officer. The system required no repairs, even though the camera broke the windshield and the vehicle was totaled."

Chief Theodore Post
Bridgman Police Department

System is outstanding a great benefit to law enforcement and the court system

Deputy Samuel Ferguson
Pike County Sheriff's Department

You are doing a great job and I really appreciate the service and the product. ...I couldn't be any more pleased with the performance.

Charles Barrett
Greene County Sheriff

Your company and product is very much liked by the officers.

Lieutenant C. T. Bost
Leland Police Department

Service before and after the sale was great - and very fast.

Dan Osmond
Custer County Sheriff's Office

Overall, this system is the best I have ever worked with. Customer Service is also the best I have ever seen for a company like this.

Chief John Porter
New Castle Police Department

I have looked at several other in-car video systems, and I must say that the WatchGuard [DV-1] is the very best that I have seen.

Sergeant David T. Kovach
Cranberry Township Police Department

The audio and video is crystal clear. I would highly recommend this camera system to other departments.

Eric Mohr
Lizton Police Department

I think overall this is the best system out there.

Clayton Schaller
Grant County Sheriff's Office

Last week, Greenwood Officers were working a Domestic Violence Case. The officer escorted the victim to the suspect’s mother’s residence to retrieve the victim’s belongings and keep the peace. About 20 minutes after the officer and victim left the residence, the suspect’s mother called the police department claiming that the victim had stolen a TV and gaming system from the residence. A quick review of the VISTA body-worn camera footage revealed that the victim did not take the items out of the residence. When confronted with this information, the suspect’s mother said that she was mistaken and maybe someone else had removed the items. VISTA saved us some investigation time and kept the victim from being victimized again by this family.

Chief Shayne Gibson
Greenwood Police Department

[CLOUD-SHARE] is fantastic. We use it on a regular basis and our records person is very pleased. Saves her time.

Southlake Police Department, Texas