Record-After-the-Fact technology: ability to go back in time and record an event after it happenedNever Miss an Incident

Record-After-the-Fact® is a powerful pre-event recording feature exclusive to the 4RE in-car systems and VISTA body-worn cameras.

The Power to Go Back in Time and Record an Event After It Happened

Sometimes, there just isn’t enough time to press record, and the opportunity to capture critical video evidence is thought to be lost. WatchGuard’s patented Record-After-the-Fact (RATF) technology provides the ability to go back in time and capture the video from the event days after it happened.

Quickly Vindicate Officers

Capture Crucial Video Evidence

Ensure a Critical Safety Net

Never Miss an Incident

If agency policies dictate, the 4RE in-car system and VISTA body-worn cameras can be configured for continuous background recording, ensuring events are always recorded – never missed.

Go Back in Time

An authorized user can enter the desired start and stop point where an officer wasn’t able to press record and convert the buffered background video in that time window into a pre-event recording ready as evidence.

Michigan Deputy Vindicated from Golf Club-Wielding Man

Record-After-the-Fact video was used with county prosecutor to show that the suspect’s wielding of a golf club led to the deputy discharging his weapon and delivering the fatal blow.


Video captured inadvertently by a Massachusetts Police Department patrol car equipped with RATF, disproved the suspect’s claim he was at home by showing video of him entering his car near one of the fires.

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