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Synchronized PlaybackNo More Time Spent Manually Linking Events

Multiple officers on scene, all with in-car and body cameras recording is a good thing. The time spent manually linking all the uploaded video and audio is not.

Evidence Library automatically links video and audio captured by the integrated WatchGuard in-car and body camera system on scene, and then synchronizes playback so recorded video and audio from multiple devices can be seen and heard simultaneously.

Share Evidence with Anyone. No Limits.

Well over 80% of court cases involve video evidence, which means agencies have a lot of sharing to do. Fortunately, Evidence Library comes with unlimited use of CLOUD-SHARE.

With CLOUD-SHARE, you can share evidence in a secure environment while retaining full access controls. No extra fees for sharing with district attorneys, courts systems, media or anyone else who needs it.

Upload Your Video Over Cellular Networks, Automatically

Driving out of the way to upload recorded video at an office is expensive and a productivity killer for patrol officers. Keep officers on the road with automatic video uploads from the 4RE in-car system or WiFi-enabled body camera direct to Evidence Library in the cloud or on-premise via cellular networks like LTE and FirstNet.

In the Cloud, On-Premise, or In the Car: Manage Evidence Your Way

Your policy should dictate the way your evidence management system needs to work, not the other way around. Evidence Library provides the ultimate in flexibility, allowing you to manage, store, and share evidence in the cloud, on-premise, or on a dedicated PC/MDT.

In the Cloud

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Dedicated PC/MDT

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Compare Evidence Management Solutions

EvidenceLibrary.com Evidence Library 4 Web Evidence Library Express
Manage Evidence In the Cloud On-Premise PC/MDT
Store Evidence Cloud Cloud and/or Local Local
Share Evidence (Cloud Share) Yes Yes No
Manage Devices Yes Yes Yes
Manage Cases Yes Yes No
Automatically Link Events Yes Yes Yes
Automatically Synchronize Playback Yes Yes Yes
Automatically Archive/Purge Events Yes Yes No
Automatically Upload Via LTE Yes Yes No
Automatically Upload Via Wireless Yes Yes No
Search Detailed Audit Logs Yes Yes No
Playback Events On Map Yes No No
Purchase Software-as-a-Service Site License Included*

*Evidence Library Express is included with purchase of WatchGuard 4RE in-car system or VISTA body-worn camera.

In the Cloud

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For Agencies Working in the Cloud

EvidenceLibrary.com brings the power and convenience of the cloud to law enforcement. Manage, store, and share evidence securely in a cloud-hosted software-as-a-service system.

CJIS Compliant

CJIS-Compliant Protection

Evidentiary data is secure with CJIS-compliant storage and encryption.

Data Redundant Safety

Local and geo-redundant storage options provide data durability and high availability.

GPS Mapping in Video Replay

Follow the patrol car on an interactive map during playback using metadata in the recorded event.

Better than Unlimited Plan on EvidenceLibrary.com

All the benefits of unlimited storage – but even better.

Unlimited Storage

Store an unlimited amount of HD and SD video recordings using qualifying retention policies.

Unlimited Users

Everyone in the agency can access video evidence.

Unlimited Sharing

Share video evidence with anyone who has an email address. No access or storage fees for district attorneys, court systems, media or other agencies.

Cash or Credit Rebate

Receive cash back or credit for using storage management best practices.


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For Large and/or Multi-Location Agencies

Evidence Library 4 Web is a powerful on-premise enterprise system that scales to thousands of users. Data storage is local, in the cloud (yours or ours) or a hybrid of both.

Flexible Storage

Evidence storage options range from local servers to cloud accounts (yours or ours) or both.

Automatic Optimization

Automatically migrate recorded events across tiers of local and cloud storage devices to optimize storage costs and playback performance.

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DVD-Robot Support

Export video evidence direct to a DVD robot when court systems or attorneys require physical media for playback.

Automate Manual Tasks with Workflows

Need CAD and RMS integration? Want to send videos to the DA automatically? With Evidence Library Integration, you can save time and eliminate manual errors by automating common evidence management tasks.


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For Agencies of Any Size or Budget

Evidence Library Express is a standalone evidence management system packed full of features and perfectly suited for use on a single computer or MDT.

No IT Resources Needed

Easily installs on an officer’s in-car MDT/laptop or agency-provided PC.

Easy File Transfer

Recorded events are transferred to storage quickly and easily using secure USB.

No-Cost Solution

Easily manage your evidence and your budget with no-cost software.


Software Applications

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Video Sharing Made Easy

Video and Audio Redaction

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Live Streaming Video
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