CAD and RMS Integration for Evidence Library®

Automatically Tie Video Evidence to Incidents

CAD and RMS Integration takes information from your Computer-Aided Dispatch and Records Management systems and automatically ties it to individual videos in Evidence Library.

Reduce Time and Errors

Significantly reduce the time spent and errors introduced manually searching for videos, inputting incident numbers into individual video records or tying multiple videos to an incident.

Don’t Get Dismissed for Missing Videos

Manually searching for videos associated with an incident can lead to some videos being overlooked, leaving your court case exposed to possible dismissal.

Evidence Library CAD and RMS Integration performs a deep scan on the rich metadata embedded in each video and uses data points like time, date, and location of an event, the officer dispatched and vehicle information when automatically matching and connecting videos to an incident.

Find Data Fast with a CAD-Centric View

Evidence Library CAD and RMS Integration allows you to interact with data from a CAD-centric view, performing searches using incident numbers and viewing results that include dispatch and clear time and date information generated by your CAD system.


Evidence Library Integration Manager is the visual component of Evidence Library CAD and RMS Integration, helping you track the results of automated workflows and actively manage exceptions.

Agencies use Evidence Library Integration Manager to:

  • Search for video events using criteria like incident number or date
  • Find and manage exceptions like video events with no incident number
  • Manually assign or unassign video events to an incident when desired
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