Mobile Video Equipment for Law Enforcement

Body-Worn Camera, In-Car Video & Evidence Management Software for Law Enforcement

Body-Worn Cameras

v300 HD Body Camera


Ruggedized, continuous-operation body camera with advanced communications and recording capabilities that keep officers connected and evidence secure while in the field.

In-Car Video Systems

4RE Police Dash Cam

4RE Digital HD Panoramic System

Due to its simple controls, wireless uploads and panoramic cameras, the 4RE has become the leader among law enforcement agencies for in-car video policing.

DV-1 DVD-Based Police Dash Cam

DV-1 Direct-to-DVD System

DV-1 is an excellent standalone police in-car video solution. Because there’s no need for server computers, transfer stations or IT support, the DV-1 is simple to implement and simple to use.


Motorcycle and Interview Room Video Systems

4REm Motorcycle Video System

4REm Motorcycle System

The industry-leading features of the 4RE in-car system integrate with a weatherproof camera. 4REm was designed to withstand the harsh environments experienced by law enforcement motorcycle fleets.

Interview Room Video System

4RE Interview Room

Because of the trusted security of 4RE and Record-After-the-Fact technology, police agencies can interview suspects and witnesses with confidence. Critical video confessions and statements are never missed.

Evidence Management

Evidence Library

The industry standard for evidence management, Evidence Library offers an incredibly versatile platform, with cloud, on-premise, and hybrid options.

Software Applications


Never miss an incident with WatchGuard’s patented RATF technology. You have the power to go back in time and record an event, even when the officer didn’t press record.


Our simple-to-use yet extraordinarily powerful redaction software quickly scans for faces and voices, cutting down on manual processes.

CLOUD-SHARE on Computer Screen


Stop burning DVDs to share evidence. Because of cloud technology, you can distribute and share digital evidence simply.

SmartConnect on Mobile Phone


Manage VISTA WiFi features, view and categorize recorded events, or stream live video using a WiFi-enabled mobile device.

Watch Commander on Computer Screen

Watch Commander

Want complete situational awareness for your command staff? This live-streaming software lets you see and hear what’s happening as a situation unfolds.

Watch Sample Video

The video quality of our surveillance equipment speaks for itself.

Because of our HD and Ultra-Wide Dynamic Range technology, you recognize WatchGuard footage when you see it.