WatchGuard Video Releases Facial Recognition-Based Redaction Software

ALLEN, TX: October 14, 2016

REDACTIVE℠ software speeds redaction of video using advanced facial recognition technology.

WatchGuard Video, a leader in law enforcement video evidence solutions has released REDACTIVE℠, video and audio redaction software that expedites the redaction process and eases the learning curve for evidence technicians and law enforcement officers.

REDACTIVE’s advanced facial recognition technology automatically detects and identifies human faces, minimizing the elements of the video which are falsely detected as human, thus reducing the overall time spent manually searching and marking the video for redaction. Users begin the redaction process by instructing the software to auto-detect any face in the video. Once auto-detection is complete, the software allows the user to select and redact the face or faces throughout the video.

“The software is simple to use and extraordinarily powerful in its ability to accurately identify human faces quickly through an entire video clip,” said Steve Coffman, President of WatchGuard.

In the wake of the FOIA Improvement Act of 2016 and ever-changing state legislation regarding treatment of video evidence, agencies are shouldering the burden of a significant increase in the quantity and complexity of redaction requests. Redaction requirements can vary from the very specific (i.e. redaction of minors) to the very broad (i.e. redaction of uninvolved bystanders). The increase is leaving agencies struggling to react accordingly.

“Today’s redaction tools simply aren’t keeping up, forcing agencies to either miss submission deadlines or compromise their output by delivering video that blurs out the entire screen and everything useful,” added Coffman. “REDACTIVE’s technology reduces the complexity, allowing the evidence technician or officer to deliver the very best redacted video evidence in the shortest amount of time possible.”

WatchGuard has begun taking orders for REDACTIVE and will begin shipping December 1, 2016.

About WatchGuard Video

WatchGuard is the leading provider of mobile video solutions for law enforcement. Our products include in-car video systems and body-worn cameras along with evidence management software. Our solutions increase transparency and accountability, improve trust between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve, reduce agency liability and advance the judicial process. We have supplied our products to approximately one-third of all law enforcement agencies in the United States and Canada.

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