Police Body Cameras Outlast Officer’s Shifts; WatchGuard Announces New QUICKCONNECT Mobile Charger for VISTA Body Cameras

November 8, 2018

WatchGuard, Inc. (“WatchGuard”), the leading provider of mobile video solutions for law enforcement announced today the immediate availability of its QUICKCONNECT™ Mobile Charger, a new product offering designed for fast and convenient in-car charging of the company’s VISTA® body-worn cameras.

“Wondering if the battery is going to make it to the end of an officer’s shift is a common concern with body cameras, regardless of manufacturer or model,” said Lieutenant Jason Mosher, Summerville Police Department, South Carolina. “The QUICKCONNECT Mobile Charger has removed the worry and allowed our officers to be on long calls or long shifts, getting a quick charge in between if needed.”

WatchGuard QUICKCONNECT Mobile Charger

The QUICKCONNECT Mobile Charger conveniently charges the VISTA body-worn camera battery while the officer is in the vehicle and without the need for the officer to remove the camera from its body mount. The lightweight charger attaches to the bottom of a torso-mounted camera and charges when plugged into a DC outlet, allowing the camera and the officer to always be at the ready no matter how long the shift.

“Our customers estimate their patrol officers can spend up to 80 percent of their shift in the car,” said Steve Coffman, WatchGuard President and COO. “QUICKCONNECT makes good use of that time, adding 2 minutes of additional battery to the body camera, on average, for every minute of uninterrupted charging in the DC outlet.”

The product’s unique design makes use of a magnetically-attached charging cable that simply pops off when the officer must exit the vehicle quickly and without worry of manually unplugging or disconnecting the charger.