Intuitive Multi-Tier Storage Puts Law Enforcement Agencies Back in Control

October 14, 2016

WatchGuard’s multi-tier storage solution migrates video evidence from on-premise to CLOUD for most efficient storage location based on cost, policy and use.

With the rapid adoption of body cameras and continued growth of in-car video by law enforcement agencies, departments have become inundated with data and pressed for cost-effective storage solutions. WatchGuard Video has introduced an integrated multi-tier storage solution for their web-based evidence management system providing a comprehensive solution for data management.

It is estimated that one-third of the 16,600 law enforcement agencies across the United States have adopted body cameras and over 70% have deployed an in-car camera program. It is estimated that less than three percent of captured video evidence is ever requested for review with the majority of those requests occurring within the first ninety days of the record date. With the data storage choices that have thus far been available to law enforcement, an agency could be holding as much as 97% of its inactive video evidence on its most expensive storage devices.

“The reality is, up until today, law enforcement has really only had two choices for data storage, on-premise or cloud-based, and that decision wasn’t really a decision, it was dependent upon which camera manufacturer they chose,” said Steve Coffman, President of WatchGuard Video. “By introducing the multi-tiered approach into our evidence management system, we have put the agencies back in control of their evidence and their finances.”

With the latest release of Evidence Library 4 Web, WatchGuard’s proprietary evidence management system, video evidence retention requirements are matched to the event tag or event category an officer assigns to each recorded incident. Using rules set by an evidence manager within the system, all events within a category automatically migrate from one tier of storage to another before being purged or entered into long-term archives. The types of tiers in the storage options can seamlessly include on-premise all the way to a CJIS-compliant Cloud account provided by Microsoft Azure.