Duncanville PD Chooses Integrated Body Cameras for Officers; WatchGuard Body-Worn and In-Car Cameras Synchronize Video Evidence Capture

May 24, 2018

The City Council of Duncanville, Texas recently voted unanimously to appropriate funding that will provide the Duncanville Police Department with new body-worn cameras designed to work seamlessly as a single system with the department’s new in-car video camera system. The integrated system is manufactured by Texas-based WatchGuard, Inc. (“WatchGuard”), the leading provider of mobile video solutions for law enforcement.

“Camera systems in law enforcement have become a best practice,” said Assistant Chief Mark LiVigni. “They promote professionalism and transparency in the police department; they protect both police officers and the city from unsubstantiated allegations of wrongdoing; and they provide a platform from which training can be accomplished both internally and externally.”

The WatchGuard integrated system allows the 4RE® HD Panoramic in-car and VISTA® WiFi HD body-worn cameras to intelligently collaborate, simultaneously capturing an incident from multiple vantage points, ensuring the entirety of the scene is available for review and analysis. When any camera in the system initiates a recording, the other cameras automatically sense a change in status and may begin recording based upon a configuration of pre-set criteria.

“The system designed for Duncanville fully supports the department’s video policing goals,” said Steve Coffman, President and Chief Operating Officer of WatchGuard. “The view from the officer’s body camera combined with the third-person perspective of the in-car camera provides the strength of evidence the department is seeking.”