HD Mini Zoom® Camera For the 4RE® In-Car Video System


WatchGuard’s HD Mini zoom is simply the best solution for capturing critical video evidence.  With HD video, you can read license plates from nearly 40 feet, make out logos on clothing and pick up key details of a person’s facial characteristics.

Ultra-Wide Dynamic Range(U-WDR) technology improves camera performance in low light and nighttime conditions to produce superior image quality.



U-WDR technology eliminates the need for the “Backlight” button and a “Nighttime” button found on most cameras, because the HD Mini Zoom camera does not need any help from the officer to force the camera to lighten its exposure under back-lighted conditions (dusk or dawn) or make adjustments for nighttime operation. Everything is fully automatic.



U-WDR technology uses 2 separate images for every frame of video (a dark exposure and a light exposure). The two differently exposed pictures are combined into a single video frame to create a perfectly exposed image. The result is that dark areas are prevented from turning black and bright areas are prevented from becoming over-exposed.

During nighttime traffic stops when spot lights and take down lights are shining on the back of a suspect’s vehicle, conventional video cameras will almost always over-expose the image around reflective license plates.


HD Mini Zoom Camera Specs

3.68″L x 1.97″H x 1.93″W
Resolution 1280x720 (720p)
Image Sensor/Type Dual Exposure Progressive Scan CMOS Ultra-Wide Dynamic Range
Dynamic Range 115dB
Zoom Lens 12x Optical
Viewing Angle 57°
Operating Temperature -20°C to 85°C
Connection Type Locking HDMI
Direct Controls Zoom, Auto Zoom, Focus, Auto Focus
Alternate Controls Full camera control through touch screen graphical user interface

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