4RE Tech Specs


DVR Size Single DIN
Dimensions (Total) 1.72″ High x 7.23″ Wide x 7.29″ Deep
Dimensions (w/o Front Bezel) 1.63″ High x 7.13″ Wide x 6.80″ Deep
Weight 3.0 pounds
Mounting Option Universal Bracket or Console Mounted
Console Faceplate Spec Opening: 1.65″ High x 7.15″ Wide
Recording Media (Buffer) Choose between an Industrial Grade 64GB Solid State Hard Drive or a Full Automotive Grade 200GB Hard Drive
Recording Media (Removable) 16GB Solid State USB Flash (Thumb) Drive
GPS Integrated (Standard)
Crash Detection Standard. 3-Axis solid state integrated accelerometer sensor
Additional Input/Outputs USB (on the go), Firewire, Ethernet, Radar Interface
Video Transfer Methods Wireless (802.11n), Wired (Ethernet), Removable USB Thumb Drive


Video Compression H.264 High Profile (4 Concurrent Streams)
Resolutions 1280×720 (720P), 864×480 (480P), 720×480 (D1), 576×320, and 480×320
Frames per second 29.97, 15, 7.5, & 5 (administratively selectable)
Multiple Resolution Encoding Records front camera in two resolutions simultaneously (patented)
Recording Triggers Lights, Siren, AUX, Crash, Speed, Wireless Microphone, Manual
Storage Architecture Dual drive architecture (patents pending)
Pre and Post-Event 0 seconds – 10 minutes, independently configured
Redundancy Record-After-The-Fact (patented)
Hours of Recording Up to 155 Hours


Frequency Response (HiFi Mic) 200-10,000 Hz +/- 3 dB
Audio Source Inputs 3 (Base DVR = 1 Wireless + 1 Wired) (With 4RE Expansion Card = 2 Wireless + 1 Wired)
Audio Compression AAC multi-channel

Operational Specifications

Temperature Range (Operational) -40°F to +185°F
Operating Voltages 8 – 18 volts DC
Current Draw Average: 1.95 amps
Current Draw (Power Off) Average: 1.5 mA Max: 2.0 mA (Max 0.002 Amps)
Current Draw (Power Off & Charging Microphone) Average: 250 mA Max: 350 mA


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