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Agencies serious about transparency and capturing all critical events don’t rely on basic tactics like pre-event recording. There’s often little value found in 30 seconds of lead-up video, and a record button never pressed is an incident never captured.

WatchGuard’s patented Record-After-the-Fact® (RATF) technology on the 4RE in-car video system and body-worn cameras give agencies the power to go back in time and capture video from events days after they happened – even when the record button was never pressed.


Video Clears 3 Officers in Fatal Shooting

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Not in Sight. Not in Evidence.

When the action moves out of the field of view for typical forward-facing cameras, so does critical evidence. The jury never sees what you never capture.

Two cameras in one. WatchGuard’s Panoramic X2 HD camera dramatically expands the 4RE’s video coverage in front of the patrol car by combining two cameras in one compact, rugged housing. The primary camera provides HD video via a rotatable turret aimed as needed. The secondary is a fixed position HD panoramic strip camera providing pillar to pillar coverage. Now, you can get full coverage without losing any of the details.

Video-as-a-ServiceGet your cameras and get going

Our simple pay-as-you-go program helps you get everything needed for your body-worn and in-car camera video policing program without any upfront investment.

Expand Your View

The 4RE has the expandability to provide a 360° view around the patrol car with the flexibility to automatically save and upload video only from the cameras you choose. Recordings from excluded cameras stay on the hard drive for several days and can be retrieved and uploaded later using WatchGuard’s patented Record-After-the-Fact technology.

Panoramic X2 Camera for 4RE Dash Camera

Full Coverage. Full Detail.
Panoramic X2 Camera

Zero Impact on Line of Sight
Zero Sightline (ZSL) Camera


12X Optical Zoom
HD Mini Zoom Camera

Infrared Illumination
Infrared Cabin Camera

Added Viewing
Side or Rear-Facing Cameras

An Integrated System Builds the Best Case

Multiple officers on scene, all with in-car and body cameras recording is a good thing. Manually synchronizing all the uploaded video and audio to build your case is not.

WatchGuard’s 4RE HD Panoramic in-car video system and one or more WiFi-enabled body-worn cameras work together seamlessly as a single system, capturing video from multiple vantage points and automatically synchronizing it for playback and sharing.

License Plate Detection

The WatchGuard 4RE Mobile ALPR Solution uses vehicle license plate detection during traffic stops to provide real-time, in-vehicle actionable intelligence that increases patrol officer safety, proactively interrupts crimes, and delivers more leads to investigators to solve more cases, ultimately saving lives and keeping communities safe.

Don’t Compromise Clarity to Manage Storage Cost

Recording every incident in high definition increases the expense of data storage so dramatically that agencies often compromise video clarity (recording in a lower definition) to manage costs.

WatchGuard’s patented multiple-resolution recording technology allows the 4RE in-car system to record in both HD and standard resolution simultaneously. Important court-based incidents are automatically saved in HD, and routine events are automatically saved in SD. Storage problem solved.

Don’t Let Extreme Lighting Conditions Ruin Your Evidence

Illegible license plates at night and darkened faces backlit by a bright sun are often the product of competitive in-car camera systems. Not so with the 4RE.

The 4RE and WatchGuard’s Ultra-Wide Dynamic Range (U-WDR) technology deliver high-quality video evidence in low-quality recording conditions by combining a dark and light image into each frame of video to create the ideal exposure. Bright areas aren’t over-exposed and darker areas don’t turn black.


Fully Secure Data Back-Up and Transfer

Ensuring you never lose a recording means having a back-up plan that ensures you don’t.

The 4RE’s dual drive architecture automatically writes active recordings to both an internal Solid State Hard Drive (SSHD) and removable USB Flash Drive, providing the perfect back-up plan. The USB is fully secured behind a locking cast zinc door and can be removed for secure manual transfer.

Unleash Productivity in Your Officers

Driving out of the way to upload recorded video at an office is expensive and a productivity killer for patrol officers.

The 4RE in-car video system can keep them on the road with automatic, direct uploads to WatchGuard’s cloud-based or on-premise evidence management system via cellular networks like LTE and FirstNet, anywhere, anytime.


Case Study: Arkansas Highway Police

4RE In-Car System How-To Videos

Experience the power and flexibility of the 4RE by watching these 60-second how-to videos.




Multiple Resolution


Saving Panoramic Video

4RE Tech Specs

4RE In-Car Video DVR
1.72″H x 7.23″W x 7.29″D
Hard Drive Storage Capacity 200GB
USB Storage Capacity 16GB
Certified to Military Specification MIL STD 810-G
Operating Conditions -40° F to +185° F
Integrated GPS for Speed and Location Yes
Integrated Crash Detection Yes


Powerful systems can have complex inner workings. Our engineers take a deep dive to help you experience the best results.