How-to videos to help you make the most of WatchGuard’s REDACTIVE software.


This video covers the process of importing video into REDACTIVE.


This video provides an overview of the general user interface, playback, and editing controls.


This video provides an overview of Static Redactions.  If an object does not move around in the frame of a video, a static redaction can provide the fastest method of redacting the object from view.

Auto Redactions

This video walks through the process of auto redacting types of content from a video.  It explains the different options for auto redaction (faces, people, vehicles, and license plates), how to run the auto redaction process, and how to work with the results.

Manual Redactions

This video covers the manual redaction process, allowing you to redact any object from a video quickly and easily.

Audio Redactions

This video walks through the process of redacting audio from your video.  You can choose to replace pieces of audio with an audible tone, or simply mute the redacted words.


This video shows you the process of trimming a video.  Sometimes you only need to export a part of a longer video.  This video shows you how to focus on and export only one part of a longer video.

Highlighting (Instead of Redacting)

Sometimes you want to call attention to an object, not redact it.  This video will show you how.


When you’re finished redacting a video, you have options of how you want that redaction to look.  This video walks you through those options.