Two-Piece HD Body-Worn Camera System

The VISTA XLT is a highly versatile two‐piece police body camera system. The amazingly small, lightweight, interchangeable head- and body‐mounted HD cameras allow officers to adapt to changing assignments and uniform types.

Record Events from the Optimal Perspective

Camera angle can make the difference in quality evidence. Whether you choose the head-worn or body-worn camera, you get the best video evidence experience on the market.

Adapt to ChangesIn Uniforms and Assignments

The VISTA XLT is an amazingly small and lightweight HD body-mounted camera. It’s always comfortable to wear and it’s easy to attach to any uniform, vest or jacket.

Full Shift Battery Life

Take the worry out of battery life. With VISTA XLT, you enjoy up to 12 hours of continuous HD recording.

Vista XLT: Integrated HD Police Body-Worn Camera Spec
HD Recording 12 Hours
SD Recording 13 Hours

HD and SD recording times may vary based on environmental conditions and feature use.


Fully Integrated with The 4RE In-Car System

The VISTA XLT police body camera works seamlessly with the 4RE in-car video system. Together, they synchronize video evidence of an event from multiple vantage points.

Simple to UseOne-Touch Recording

When incidents move fast, you want minimal officer involvement with police body camera equipment. The VISTA XLT gives you one-touch recording for the most instinctive interaction.

Simple Body Camera Head Mount
Simple Body Camera Body Mount
Simple Body Camera DVR

Easy to UnderstandBacklit LCD Screen

We designed the VISTA XLT interface to make things easy on the officer. No guessing about battery level, recording status or memory space when using the backlit LCD.

Compare VISTA Models

Design Two-Piece One-Piece One-Piece
Camera(s) Head-Mount
Built-In Built-In
Synchronizes with 4RE Yes Yes No
Wi-Fi and GPS Yes Yes No
HD Recording 12 Hours 9-11 Hours* 11 Hours**
7 Hours
SD Recording 13 Hours 10-12 Hours* 12 Hours**
8 Hours
Learn More Learn More Learn More

HD and SD recording time may vary based on environmental conditions and feature use

* VISTA WiFi Recording time may vary based on the utilization of GPS and WiFi radios

** VISTA is available in Extended and Standard versions

Tech Specs

Vista XLT: Integrated HD Police Body-Worn Camera Spec
DVR Size 3.3"H x 1.9"W x 1.3"D
DVR Weight 6.3 Ounces
Storage Capacity 32 GB
Field of View 130°
Selectable Resolution 720p / 480p
Body-Mounted Camera Size 1.1"H x 1.1"W x .93"D
Head-Mounted Camera Size .84"H x .84"W x 2.50"L
Body-Mounted Camera Weight 0.5 Ounces
Head-Mounted Camera Weight 0.4 Ounces

Body Camera-As-a-Service

No need to raise funds to purchase cameras, software or storage. Simply put the cameras on and pay as you go.

Dock and Go File Upload

Fully automatic uploading with no officer interaction required.



Integrated Police Camera System

No complicated buttons or programs to run. To integrate with the 4RE in-car system, simply dock the VISTA before the shift. Designed for simplicity.

VISTA Docking Station

USB Docking Base

Ideal for Smaller Agencies

Not using WiFi for uploads? No problem. The docking base connects to your computer for direct uploading to Evidence Library Express or Evidence Library 4 Web.

VISTA Body Camera Transfer Station

Ethernet Transfer Station

Ideal for Larger Agencies

Need to pool body cameras for kiosk checkout? Transfer Station attaches to your local area network for fast checkout and fast offload of recorded events to storage.

Smart Device AccessFor VISTA XLT

Access to smart features is a must in modern policing. Manage VISTA XLT features, categorize events and stream live video using your WiFi smartphone.

Comfortable and SecureThe XLT’s DVR is Separated for Improved Performance

Separated from the camera, the DVR connects via a quick‐release cable. Therefore, you enjoy a longer battery life and a more flexible duty belt rig.

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