QUICKCONNECTTM MOBILE CHARGERDesigned exclusively for the VISTA® Body-Worn Camera

Take back power with QUICKCONNECT, the ideal bodycam car charger for law enforcement.


For too long, extended shifts have redirected how officers interact with their technology. Things are starting to change.

The new QUICKCONNECT mobile charger plugs into your vehicle’s DC outlet, providing convenient charging opportunities throughout the day and the ability to charge up before an unexpectedly long shift.

QUICKCONNECT works with VISTA and VISTA WiFi body-worn cameras.

Stays on Your Body while Charging

QUICKCONNECT is a lightweight bodycam car charger that attaches to the camera and charges the battery while mounted.

No more fumbling with cables and rigged charging stations. QUICKCONNECT allows the camera and the officer to always be at the ready.

Quick Release CableMakes for Quick Exits

Adaptability is the name of the game when making technology for law enforcement. This is particularly true when it comes to your bodycam car charger.

The beauty of QUICKCONNECT is its quick-release magnet.

When you need to exit your vehicle quickly, the QUICKCONNECT charging cable disconnects harmlessly. No more worrying about manual unplugging or disconnecting.

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