Body Camera-As-a-Service

Pay-as-You-Go Body Camera Program for Law Enforcement


WatchGuard’s Body Camera-as-a-Service is a pay-as-you-go program for law enforcement agencies. Bypass the upfront camera costs of starting a body-worn program and capture the budget predictability and all-inclusive benefits of an as-a-service program.


No Camera to Buy
No need to raise funds or secure grants to purchase cameras. Simply put the camera on and pay as you go. Turn a big capital investment into a small operating expense.

Budget Predictability
The camera, evidence management software, usage, and maintenance are all included.

Assured Performance
A No-Fault Warranty, advanced replacement of hardware, and 24/7 technical support makes for a maintenance-free experience and always keeps a camera on the officer.

There’s no camera to own, so there’s no chance of getting locked into today’s technology for the long-term. with
Manage, store, and share evidence securely in an easy-to-use cloud-hosted evidence management system.

Unlimited Storage
Store an unlimited amount of HD and SD video using qualifying retention policies. No per-user storage limitations.

Unlimited Users
Everyone can access evidence. No per-user fee for officers or casual users like supervisors, detectives, or command staff.

Unlimited Sharing
Share video with anyone and everyone. Send evidence to district attorneys, court systems, or the media without the worry of additional access or storage fees.

VISTA Police Body Camera in Docking Station

Vista Body-Worn Camera with

Choose Camera & Mount
One- and two-piece Wi-Fi- and GPS-enabled, ultra-rugged HD body-worn cameras with a variety of secure camera mounts.

No-Fault Warranty
Dropped it, dragged it, drowned it. Accidents happen. We replace the camera when they do.

Advanced Replacement
We’ll get you back up if you go down. Replacement hardware ships overnight, getting you back to normal quickly.

24/7 Support
Telephone support day and night. Like those we serve, our shift never ends.