Walmart Brawl Caught on Tape

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On March 21, 2015, officers in Cottonwood, Arizona, responded to what should have been a simple public disturbance call at a Walmart. Ten minutes later, two suspects had been shot, one killed, and multiple officers injured.

In this in-car video evidence, three officers (Daniels, Clark and Hicks) are seen in a violent altercation with a family who assaults the officers unprovoked. This video shows just how quickly an event can turn deadly.

An Altercation Captured on In-Car Video

Watch as Chief Jody Fanning (retired) breaks down a critical moment of the incident using footage from one of the Cottonwood cruisers’ 4RE in-car video systems.

The in-car system was at the time the only video-recording mechanism that the officers had. This evidence provided an essential component to understanding how the incident turned south.

“Having the 4RE is the first step in having a great video system,” says Fanning. “Without that video, everything changes in our investigation.”

Check out CBS News’ coverage of the event.

Where Body Cameras Could Have Helped

Despite having the in-car video, Chief Fanning discusses why having body cameras on this scene would have proven invaluable to the investigation and media response.

The WatchGuard body-camera and in-car system automatically syncs footage from all camera perspectives. This can greatly improve the quality of evidence as investigators review the incident.

When the patrol car arrived on the scene, the 4RE and the VISTA body camera take action. Because the two are integrated, they would have sensed the change in status and began recording. The synchronized footage of the incident would then come from two different perspectives. This crucial video integration would have given the chief and the investigators a complete and immediate picture of the incident.

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