Finding the Right Police Grant

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There’s never enough time and resources to do everything. This is a particularly troubling fact when money is on the table. With potential cuts in the 2019 budget plan, it’s more important than ever for agencies to get ahead of their police grant funding process.

Despite there being hundreds of grants out there for agencies to secure money for body-worn cameras and other needed resources, time and resources may limit you to two or three applications. The question then is, how do you sort through the noise and find the right police grant for your agency?

We talked to Michael Paddock, CEO of Grants Office to find out. Here are the top considerations you should make when researching the best police grants for your needs.

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Internal Competition

Determining which police grants have the least competition can often be a great time-saving mechanism when getting started in your search. There are many grants that are guaranteed as long as you fill out the appropriate paperwork. Others have incredibly stiff competition.

Project Alignment

Many grants, particularly at the federal level, are very prescriptive. If you’re looking to integrate video evidence systems, you want to make sure that grant aligns with your goal. Don’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Total Available Funding

How much money is available in the fund can help you determine competition for those dollars. A $100 million federal police grant fund is less competitive than a $2 million fund simply because of the amount of money involved.

Remember, the less competitive, the more likely your project will be funded.

Application Burden

What kind of resources do you have to dedicate to the application process? Some grants have 50-page applications and others have five, even though the outlay of funds may be the same. Determine the application burden and how that will affect your grant-writing team.

Matching Requirements

Often grants have matching requirements. A grant that requires dollar-for-dollar matching funds may offer the same amount as another grant that doesn’t have that requirement. Be aware of any fund-matching that a police grant may require.

Collaboration Requirements

To be qualified for some funding, you may need to collaborate with other departments or other municipalities. Consider the collaboration requirements and how those might affect your likelihood of successful fundraising.

Track Record

For foundation grants especially, your track record may play an important role. How successfully have you worked with them in the past on previous efforts? A strong track record will make a big impact on your police grant funding efforts.

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