Evolution of In-Car Video Systems for UK Law Enforcement

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As the world becomes more technologically advanced, it’s important for our law enforcement to make the best use of the technology. You can see this very clearly in the evolution of in-car video systems for UK law enforcement. From the police commissioner to the constables, the huge technological improvements found with UK police in-car video is transforming British policing.

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UK Police In-Car Video Transcript

Mark Burns-Williamson, West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner

“I think the public would expect the police, and other agencies for that matter, to be utilizing the best technology. It’s important we move with the times. The people that we serve, they more increasingly live their life through technology, online, etc. So policing in my view is no different and we need to make best use of technology.”

Darren Wood, Police Constable, West Yorkshire Police

“When I first started in road policing we were using hi-8 videotapes. The video was good quality, however, the tape only lasted 40 minutes, so we have to change the tape every 40 minutes. When we captured video then we had to bring the tape in, digitize it, and then we had to copy it to DVD. So you can think we do maybe six or 10 incidents a day, that’s a lot of time back in the office copying to DVD.”

Michael Jessop, Police Constable, West Yorkshire Police

“And then we moved on to these digital systems, which are unreliable basically I found in the past. You can be driving around for like eight, 10 hours and think that your system’s recording, and you take your hard drive out at the end of the shift and there’s nothing on it, which can be a nightmare.”

Richard Whiteley, Police Constable, West Yorkshire Police

“The old system was archaic, it was poor quality, it was jumpy, it didn’t capture what we wanted. A picture paints a thousand words, and if that picture is of poor quality, it doesn’t help when we’re coming to prosecution. The system we’ve got now is by far the best that we’ve had.”

Michael Jessop, Police Constable, West Yorkshire Police

“WatchGuard to me is easy to use. Turn on your blue lights, it’s recording. You need to record without putting your blue lights on, you press record and it’s recording. It can go back in time and record what’s actually happened before you put the blue lights.

“It’s good because it actually captures the offense which you see with your eyes but sometimes previous systems have lost it on the file. WatchGuard has it. I haven’t had an occasion to press where WatchGuard has let me down. The information I’ve wanted and required has always been there.”

Mark Burns-Williamson, West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner

“If we didn’t have this technology I think we’d be at a real disadvantage, not only today but going forward as well. Because we have to move with the times: transparency, utilisation of officer’s time, making sure that they are at the front line as much as possible rather than you know having to download DVDs or taking them out of operational policing.

“These are all things that we want the technology to provide in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and transparency.”

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