5 Reasons Why Officers Should Categorize Events on Body Cameras

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In the world of law enforcement, information is everything. When you’re searching for specific evidence to build a case, finding “Uncategorized” labels next to video events can be disheartening. When court dates are fast-approaching, you don’t have time to analyze each uncategorized video for relevant content. But there’s an easy fix, and that’s by categorizing events on the body-worn camera at time of recording. 

Here are our top five reasons why officers should categorize events on the body cams.  

1. The Future is in Metadata 

There’s no question that metadata (data that provides information about other data) will play an increasingly important role in our digital future.  

By adding metadata to data, the data becomes easier to find and use. Metadata is a communications channel to the future, perhaps even more… Forbes 

Nowhere is this truer than in law enforcement. When researching video evidence, finding your way back to specific recorded events days, weeks or even months after the original recording date can be difficult. This means the trail back needs to be solid. 

Categorizing events on-camera gives your offers the ability to send predefined metadata labels, in addition to time, date and location information, to aid future researchers. 

2. Better Evidence in Court 

The event category is a key data element used in discovery work before court. The more accurate the data, the stronger the presentation. For the officers and the prosecution, strength of court evidence is paramount when heading toward conviction. 

Agencies who have made categorizing events part of their training often find themselves ahead of the game in seeking justice for crimes. 

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3. Trend Reporting 

Discovering and monitoring the change in trends within your community can give you a much broader perspective on policing tactics targeted for specific citations and crimes. But this discovery weighs heavily on the availability of usable data. 

By categorizing events as they happen, you can ensure that data collection is a smooth process that gives complete information. 

4. Save on Storage 

From a system administration standpoint, categorizing events gives you an efficient and automatic method for informing your evidence management system when to purge saved events based on retention rules assigned to the category type. No sense keeping videos around that have long expired – and paying for it.  

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5. Less Time at the Desk 

Finally, it’s worth noting that limiting desk work time is often a high priority for many officers. By choosing the category immediately after recording an event, the officer doesn’t have to spend time at the end of his or her shift reviewing footage and categorizing the events of a long day. 

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