Columbus Police Begin VISTA Body Camera Deployment

Largest City in Ohio Begins Phased Roll-Out of Industry-Leading Body-Worn Cameras After Thorough and Intense Vendor Selection Process Less than a month after the Columbus City Council approved the WatchGuard Video contract for 1,575 VISTA┬« Body Cameras, the Columbus Police Department has begun deployment of the body-worn cameras. WatchGuard, a privately-held U.S. manufacturer of in-car … Continued

Des Moines Police to Receive State-of-the-Art Crime Fighting Tools

Des Moines Police Department Selects Integrated In-Car and Body Camera System For Technologically Advanced Video Evidence Program. The Des Moines Police Department in Des Moines, Iowa has seen the future of video evidence in law enforcement and has elected to adopt it. Through a thorough 8 month vetting process of multiple providers, the department chose … Continued