SUV, Semi, and Police Collision in Michigan

During a bad weather stop in Michigan, an SUV lost control, struck a semi truck, and then crashed into a parked police vehicle. Thankfully no one was killed, though one officer did sustain leg and back injuries. Please, everyone, slow down during bad weather and pay attention for law enforcement! Note: The driver of the … Continued

Close Call During A Traffic Stop in Maine

Here is a very close call from a traffic stop, shared with us by an agency in Maine. This was captured on our 4RE system, recorded in standard definition. Drivers, please slow down and pay attention for law enforcement! If you work for a law enforcement agency that uses WatchGuard, and you have a video … Continued

Unlimited, No-Fault Warranty for VISTA HD Body Camera

WatchGuard Video introduces a no-fault warranty for VISTA™, its high-definition body-worn camera, that features unlimited replacements and coverage for brackets, clips and cables. “Agencies want predictable, fixed pricing for wearable cameras and are growing frustrated with the industry’s recurring fees, ancillary costs, limitations and fine print. With VISTA’s no-fault warranty, it’s all covered,” said WatchGuard … Continued