In Car Video Systems

4RE : High Definition

  • Wireless Upload
  • Unprecedented HD Clarity
  • Ultra-Wide Dynamic Range
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DV-1 : Direct to DVD

  • No Servers
  • Record-After-the-Fact™
  • Wide Dynamic Range
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Wearable Camera Systems


  • Ultra-Rugged Design
  • HD Video and CD Quality Audio
  • Ultra-Wide Dynamic Range
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  • Simple
  • Rugged
  • Compact
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Special Applications

4REm : Motorcycle

  • Solid State Components
  • Record-After-the-Fact
  • Evidence Library Integration
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Interview Room

  • Live Remote Viewing
  • Evidence Library Integration
  • Covert and Traditional Cameras
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System Components

Zero Sightline (ZSL) Camera

  • Zero Obstruction
  • Ultra-Wide Dynamic Range
  • High Definition
ZSL Camera

HD Mini Zoom Camera

  • 12x Optical Zoom
  • Ultra-Wide Dynamic Range
  • High Definition
HD Mini Zoom Camera

HiFi Microphone

  • Near CD Audio Quality
  • 1-2 Miles of Range
  • Extraordinary Battery Life
HiFi Microphone


Wireless Evidence Management

  • Wireless Ready
  • Case Management
  • Event Trimming
EL3 Software

Stand Alone Evidence Management

  • Simple Windows® Installation
  • Fleet Management
  • No Server Required
ELX2 Software

Live Video Streaming

  • Improves Decision Making
  • Web Access
  • Real-Time Location & Status
Watch Commander

Research and Development

WatchGuard Video has invested about $35 million specifically into the development of law enforcement digital video. All research, engineering development and manufacturing is done at the company’s state-of-the-art 65,000 sf facilities in Allen, Texas. With 9 issued patents and 9 pending patents, WatchGuard Video is the indisputable technology leader of the in-car video industry.