Hear what you’ve been missing

Compare the quality of the above with your current equipment. With cars driving by on a busy highway, would you be able to hear a driver’s license hit the ground? Listen to the sample, and that’s what you’ll hear.

Near CD quality. Up to 2 miles of range. Approximately 1 week battery life off a single charge. And all this comes standard with any WatchGuard video system.

Near CD Audio Quality

3X better frequency response

1-2 Miles of Range

Maintain audio through buildings (High Power, 900 MHz)

Extraordinary Battery Life

Typical usage time of 1 week on a single charge

WatchGuard’s new High Fidelity Microphone for police provides dramatically wider frequency response, wireless technology, and higher dynamic range when compared to all other systems. This gives your audio recordings a much more lifelike sound and it improves the intelligibility of speech.

The HiFi Mic also features a built-in AGC (Automatic Gain Control) processor that continuously adjusts the microphone sensitivity based on noise conditions to eliminate distortion caused by clipping. This helps keep the sound of passing traffic from drowning out speech.

  • Rubber-Overmolded corners protect the mic if it’s dropped
  • The spring loaded slider switch can manually activate the mic or temporarily mute the audio
  • Integrated acoustic foam cuts down wind noise
  • Solid State MEMs Technology Microphone Sensor
  • Internal, High Performance Fractal Antenna
  • Backlit LCD Status Display