Simple to implement and simple to use – the WatchGuard® DV-1™ records up to 8 hours of video directly to re-writable DVD-Video discs in the vehicle that play on regular DVD players. Direct-to-DVD-Video is the fastest, most efficient, and cost effective process for creating, managing and presenting digital video evidence.

As a standalone solution, there is no need for server computers, transfer steps, and IT support. You can install a single system and be up and running immediately. The DV-1 simply works!

The simplicity of this solution revolutionized the industry and made the DV-1 the best selling digital in-car video system of all time. It is used by about 5,000 law enforcement agencies including the majority of State Patrols who have implemented digital video systems. Today, about 1-in-4 digital in-car video systems sold in the US is a WatchGuard system.

Dual Scan WDR Technology

The new, dual-scan WDR camera technology dramatically improves nighttime video quality by using two different exposures for every frame of video.

Automatic Night Mode

The front camera detects night conditions and optimizes the camera settings automatically.

Split Screen Display

The DV-1 can simultaneously record and display any 2 cameras. (3 Cameras Can Be Connected)

Compare the quality of the recording to the right with your current equipment. With cars driving by on a busy highway, would you be able to hear a driver’s license hit the ground? Listen to the sample, and that’s what you’ll hear.

Near CD quality. Up to 2 miles of range. Approximately 1 week battery life off a single charge. And all this comes standard with any WatchGuard system.

The WatchGuard DV-1‘s simple operation belies the technological sophistication inside. About $10 million of engineering development was required to design and perfect the DV-1. It is the only law enforcement product in the world that can create playable DVDs in a moving vehicle in real-time.

Redundant, dual drive architecture (hard drive + DVD drive) provides unmatched capabilities including “Record-After-the-Fact™” the powerful ability to go back in time, up to several days, to recover critical video that was not initially recorded. Just think about the times your old camera system wasn’t recording when something important happened. With the DV-1, you will never miss anything again!

The WatchGuard DV-1 Overhead Version installs neatly against the headliner between the visors, requiring no trunk or console space. Overhead mounting brackets are available for nearly every law enforcement vehicle. A 2-piece Modular Version is available for vehicles that cannot accommodate overhead mounting.

See for yourself why so many agencies have concluded that the elegant and rugged WatchGuard DV-1 is, in a word, perfect.

  • Direct-to-DVD-Video (no servers or transfer steps)
  • The easiest system to install, manage and use
  • Indisputably the most cost effective, feature rich in-car video solution
  • Record-After-the-Fact (make a recording days after it happened)
  • Integrated automotive-grade hard drive provides complete video protection
  • Automatic disc overflow recording (continues recording even if the disc is full)
  • Includes 2 high resolution full color cameras
  • Split-screen recording (record from 2 cameras simultaneously)
  • Rich graphical user interface is easy to operate and understand
  • 1-Piece overhead mounted version or 2-Piece Modular version
  • Sophisticated DVD drive suspension with error correction – it never skips
  • High quality rubber-padded, welded aluminum housing holds up to years of abuse
  • Automatically creates fully labeled chapter menus with thumbnail images
  • Best digital microphone audio quality in the industry
  • Included software tools makes it easy to manage your fleet