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City Date Speaker
Register Now Boston, MA March 28, 2017 Ettel
Register Now Portland, OR April 25, 2017 Fanning
Register Now Salt Lake City, UT April 27, 2017 Ettel
Register Now Dallas, TX May 19, 2017 Fanning & Ettel
Register Now Denver, CO June 21, 2017 Fanning
Register Now Richmond, VA July 20, 2017 Fanning
Register Now Columbus, OH August 1, 2017 Ettel
Register Now Minneapolis, MN August 17, 2017 Ettel
Register Now Sacramento, CA September 14, 2017 Fanning
Register Now Galveston, TX September 28, 2017 Ettel
Register Now Tallahassee, FL December 7, 2017 Fanning
Stacy Ettel

AgendaFor Events Featuring Stacy Ettel

11:00 am – Lunch Buffet Opens
11:30 am – Stacy Ettel
12:30 pm – Q & A with Stacy Ettel
1:00 pm – Event concludes

AboutStacy Ettel

On March 2, 2010, Lt. Stacy Ettel found himself at a crossroads of sorts, standing outside the window of a college student who had barricaded himself in student housing. Stacy was attempting to keep the young man from harming himself or others. In that moment, at that window, the course of Stacy’s life would forever be changed.

Stacy Ettel had come a long way from growing up an orphan in Florida. He had served his country in the Navy, become a law enforcement officer and had risen in the ranks. He was named Officer of the Year. He was Watch Commander during the high profile “Don’t tase me bro” incident in 2007; and as a result developed curriculum about the enforcement of laws versus rules. He traveled the country instructing. He was promoted. He was in charge of events where he oversaw hundreds of officers. He was married, had children. He was the mentor of choice for troubled athletes – a father figure many of them had never had. Stacy Ettel had it all.

And then came the call that changed everything.

About Chief Fanning

Cottonwood Police Department in Cottonwood, AZ was thrust into the harsh glare of the media spotlight when what should have been a simple public disturbance call at a local grocery store escalated into a twelve-person parking lot brawl leaving two suspects shot, one killed, and one officer shot with multiple officers injured. Chief Fanning provides compelling behind-the-line detail of the events of March 21, 2015 and his subsequent FBI-recognized response to the media frenzy.

When I arrived on scene, all I could see were officers' bodies lying all over the parking lot.
Jody Fanning

AgendaFor Events Featuring Chief Fanning

11:00 am – Lunch Buffet Opens
11:30 am – Jody Fanning, Retired Chief Cottonwood Police Department
12:30 pm – Q & A with Jody Fanning
1:00 pm – Event concludes

The Behind the Line Leadership Series provides perspective into, and exploration of, compelling incidents and topics in law enforcement. This series was developed by WatchGuard Video for current and future law enforcement leaders and offered at no cost to all law enforcement agencies and their officers.