WatchGuard’s new Zero Sightline (ZSL) high definition camera is specifically designed to be mounted in front of the rearview mirror in order to ensure there is zero obstruction of the officer’s line of sight. The all digital ZSL camera utilizes a cast zinc camera body with a unique form factor that is about the size of a credit card.

Dual Exposure, Ultra-WDR Technology

Even though the Zero Sightline HD camera is very small, it introduces a big new technology to the in-car video industry; Ultra-Wide Dynamic Range (U-WDR) technology. U-WDR Technology dramatically improves camera performance in low light and nighttime conditions by using 2 separate images for every frame of video (a dark exposure and a light exposure). The two differently exposed pictures get combined into a single video frame which creates a perfectly exposed image. The result is dark areas are kept from turning black and bright areas are kept from becoming over-exposed.

During nighttime traffic stops when spot lights and take down lights are shining on the back of a suspect vehicle, conventional video cameras will almost always over-expose the image around reflective license plates.

With the ZSL camera, for the first time ever, license plates are generally legible during nighttime traffic stops!

Fully Automatic

Ultra-WDR technology eliminates the need for the “Backlight” button and a “Nighttime” button found on most cameras. That is because the ZSL camera does not need any help from the officer to force the camera to lighten it’s exposure under back-lighted conditions (dusk or dawn) or make adjustments for nighttime operation. Everything is fully automatic.

Extreme Low Light Sensitivity

The ZSL camera uses a large format CMOS sensor that is substantially more sensitive than any previous HD in-car video camera.

Zero Sightline™ Camera
Image Sensor Large Format, Dual-Exposure CMOS
Resolution 720p HD (1280×720, Progressive Scanning)
Aspect Ratio 16:9 Native Aspect Ratio
Field-of-View 68 Degree Wide Horizontal Viewing Angle
Optics F1.7 Fixed Focal, Multi-Element Glass Lens
Dimensions 3.65″ Wide x 1.76″ High x 1.13″ Deep
Weight 4.5 Ounces
Construction Cast Zinc
Connector Locking Mini HDMI, Shielded Cable