WatchGuard 4RE™ High Definition wasn’t just designed for the officer, it was also designed for the IT manager and IT personnel. Most video systems are not. WatchGuard 4RE High Definition is easy to deploy, easy to manage and easy to use from an IT perspective.

WatchGuard 4RE High Definition can be managed, upgraded and monitored remotely over the network. Everyday operations ranging from security settings and user permissions can be deployed to every vehicle in your fleet easily, quickly and entirely from your IT desk. What’s more, silent upgrades and updates to the firmware are made instantly without officer interaction, inconvenience or down time.

Setting up and managing a fleet may sound like a daunting task, but 4RE is designed to accomplish this easily from your desk. WatchGuard 4RE High Definition provides convenient individual and group based control over standardizing settings, permissions, rules and all aspects of operations from a centralized location significantly boosting your efficiency.

  • OS Compatibility – Microsoft Windows 7 64-Bit, Windows 8, Server 2008 R2, Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2
  • SQL Compatibility – Microsoft SQL 2008 Standard, SQL 2008 R2 Standard, SQL 2012 Standard and SQL 2012 R2 Standard
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Virtual Server Support
  • Three Tiered Application Design (Database/Application/Client)
  • Fully Redundant Architecture — RAID 5

Gone are the days of running to the server room and crowding around a monitor. The WatchGuard 4RE High Definition system is one of the first solutions in the industry to provide true, client-based access to video for review and copying. Easily access your information from any networked computer running WatchGuard® Evidence Library Client™.

WatchGuard has partnered with one of the nation’s largest OEM computer manufacturers to provide the most cost-effective enterprise class server solutions. WatchGuard’s OEM relationship guarantees servers are built with the exact drivers, and SQL Server® versions tested by WatchGuard engineers. This removes disruptive variables (like introducing untested hardware drivers and mismatched software versions) that can escalate implementation time and cost. WatchGuard’s OEM server systems come standard with a three-year on-site hardware warranty.

In addition to WatchGuard’s OEM Server systems, there are relationships with DELL® and HP® to provide competitive name-brand servers.

WatchGuard offers several different standard and cost-effective server packages to suit the unique needs of your agency. However, every agency it different, so WatchGuard can custom configure your server to exactly meet your unique needs.

The original three-year factory warranty includes on-site repair and no charge for parts and labor. Includes free service pack updates for the duration of the warranty.

No matter the size of your agency, WatchGuard 4RE High Definition is designed to perfectly fit your in-car video needs. This standalone, all-in-one server is a complete solution for smaller installations. All network, storage, and management functions are conveniently housed in one box.